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Traffic At The Races Has It’s Own YouTube Channel

Yes you read that right. Traffic at the Races now has it’s very own Youtube channel. Now on this channel I hope to show you more about traffic at the races. And how to use any traffic exchange and get good results using a traffic exchange. On the Traffic At The Races YouTube channel it is my goal to show you everything I know about traffic exchanges in general. from signing up to a traffic exchange to adding your sites, banners, and text ads. assigning credits and impressions. I’ll do my best to show you some surfing tips, tricks, strategies etc.

There may be times where I’ll surf TATR or any Te for that matter, screen recording it. And I’ll take a look at what is being advertised. and kinda of critique what is being advertised. If there is any advice I can give on how to make it better, If advice is needed. The whole point of this is I want You guys to get good results with your advertising.

Why did I create a YouTube channel for Traffic at the Races? I wanted to expand Traffic At the Races online presence. Also to create more brand awareness for TATR. that being said anyone who subscribes to the Brand new YouTube channel for TATR will get 100 credits added to there TATR account. Yes that is a bribe

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    Pres. The Donald (Trump)
    September 12, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    I don’t give a poop about your YouTube channel. ( although it is kinda cool) I need people to Build a Wall.

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