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TE List Builder Just Might Make Traffic Exchanges Great Again!

So Blain Jones and Shane Bost have done it again. They took what was already a great program TE Pays and Upgraded it to TE List Builder. Or as I like to call it Te Pays 5.0.  As I was going through the members area I felt like a kid in the candy store, I haven’t been this excited about a program since um yea Te Pays. And not just for myself but for the potential it has for the traffic exchange industry  has a whole.  TE List Builder has what TE Pays had and so much more.

In TE List Builder  along with what was added from TE Pays. There are a set of Tasks for you to complete with videos by Blain Jones himself. There is a new Team concept meaning you can work has a team to push each other to success with Te List Builder and List Building in General.  Every time you complete a series of Tasks you move up a level. The Tasks that they have for you to work on are all done in Module’s and what you do as a member of your team. If your on a team. Right now I’m on TE List Nerds Jon Olson’s team Yeah Team.  Now joining a team is optional. But I highly recommend it. And if your a Pro Member you can even start your own team.  But before you jump in and start a Team I would work on the tasks modules. and listen to what Blain has to say in the Team Training Module  The Starting A Team  Video.  Then after you watch the video and you still want to start a team knock yourself out.  Now that doesn’t mean I want you to go right to that video . You should do the Modules in the order they are listed to get the full idea of what the program is about

Ok I’m just going to say this if TE List Builder doesn’t have you excited about the future of Traffic Exchanges, I have to wonder if you even have a pulse.  It’s been said by numerous people you need to build your list. And that is 100% true. And yes I understand people might be going I know I should be List Building. But How? I mean where do I start? What do I build a list about? What do I write? Isn’t that about right. Those are the kind of questions I asked myself for years.  Well  all of those questions and other you might  have about List Building will be answered by TE List Builder.  When I was importing the email series into my  Autoresponder I was learning just reading the emails as I was adding them. And speaking of The email series when you first login there is a OTO for The Extended email series I highly recommend you take that. You know if you want to. It gives you over 3 Months worth of emails to be sent to your subscribers.

So in closing I am predicting that TE List Builder will be the Program That Makes Traffic Exchange Great Again!!  

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    October 31, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Hi Scott, it would be great if you let us know how much is the OTO. I’ll to be prepared so I know I can afford it. Thanks.

    • Reply
      October 31, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      Hi Christan thanks for your comment. As a new member when you first login there is an offer for the Basic Level upgrade. It’s $10 off the normal price of $27 so it would be $17. It is also a one time payment. You can join as a free member. But as a free member you won’t have access to the email series and a bunch of other cool stuff. Now The Basic upgrade is the lowest upgrade available. There is 3 levels of upgrades and the higher you go the more you get.Hope this helps

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