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Sometimes You Just Got To Do It!

In this industry of ours traffic exchanges its easy to get into.You can get in for free and its basically low cost. But somewhere along the line your going to have to spend some Money. Wasn’t it said along time ago way before there was even people trying to make money online. “To Make Money You Have To Spend Money” Now I’m not saying you have to spend money on every program your in. You need to pick and choose what’s best for you and your business. No there are three things you should absolutely spend money on before you spend money on anything else. That’s an Autoresponder some kind of tracking service and website hosting. Now getting to the title of this post Sometimes You Just Got To Do IT!. I went and got a job at Walmart working overnights stocking shelves. I know some of you are going to go you work for Walmart and start laughing or whatever. And I’m cool with that. I know I’m serious about my business and if I’m going to move ahead I’m going to need to spend more money. And if working for Walmart is what I have to do then so be it.  Money

The three things I said you should spend your money on first is and autoresponder I suggest Rocket Responder its only $20 a month and it stays at that price no matter how big your list gets. The next thing is some kind of tracking service for this I suggest Its easy to use and only $9. The last thing is website hosting  because you should have a blog. Those programs are what is called evergreen programs no matter what you promote there always going to be there. Then of course when you start making more money you can start upgrading in some traffic exchanges, buying credits, impressions etc. Maybe spend money on a logo actually you should spend money on a logo which is what I’m eventually going to do for this blog Ta Dah

pizza and beerNow you got all this going and your making commissions. And that’s great but what do you do with those hard earned commissions? Do you go and spend it all maybe go buy a Pizza and you know with pizza you got to have beer. Right that is the thing to do. Isn’t it? Not exactly no. Try putting some of those commissions back into your business. I’m not saying to never cash out. There has been so many times where my commissions never got to my PayPal because I used them to pay for upgrades, credits etc.

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