Scott Rohns Thoughts

Meet Scott Rohn

Snapshot_20150824_4Hi my name is Scott Rohn and I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about myself. Well I started trying to make Money online around 2007 joining one program after another. Spending money left and right looking for that one that was going to make me rich with little to no work. Boy was I dumb back then. But before that I actually tried to make money before I got online with Don Lapre’s  stuff. and Charlton Sheets the real estate guy. Remember those guys?.

So now back to being online Like I said I started somewhere  around 2007. then I actually said the hell with it. I gace up. Then around april. may of 2009 I got a postcard from So off I went to a couple live shows and I got myself a website where I could sell anything I wanted to using drop shipping. I chose cameras. I called my site Alpine Cameras. Now while trying to find ways to promote it I stumbled upon Traffic Exchanges. The first Te I ever joined was Lords of Traffic in June of 2009 Now I belong to probably to many.

So while surfing and trying to make sales. (Back then I didn’t know about splash pages, squeeze pages, banners , or text ads. So I was promoting the actual site) I saw ads for Worldprofit where I learned allot. Then I joined Click Track profit which I still belong to and the training there has helped me allot. Also have to give a huge shout out to The Cash Surfing Network.and now I have this blog.

When I’m not online I like to spend time with my family. read a book, play on my Ps3 maybe soon Ps4 I usually play Madden or MLB the show. My son plays Grand Thief Auto, WWE Games, Call of Duty. ( I played that once and there was allot of swearing). Driver and others. And right now I’m working  at Wine King a liquor store right down the road from my house. My goal is to eventually leave there and do this full time