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Is Kore4 The Best Upgrade There Is?

To Quote Jimmy Johnson ( The Last Good Coach The Cowboys Had. Everyone after him has been an Ass Clown) (Yea I know Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl. But he did it with Jimmy’s team!) If you hadn’t guessed by now I’m a diehard Cowboys  fan. Now getting back to where we were. Is Kore4 The Best Upgrade There Is? Like Jimmy Johnson said “You can put that in three-inch high headlines.” Yes Kore4 is The best upgrade there is.


Now here’s why. If you didn’t already know it Kore4 is $30 a month. I know your saying “Scott are you insane?” “How can you tell me That Kore4 is The Best upgrade when its $30 a month?” I would say to you “I’m glad you asked that” You see the what’s so Awesome about Kore4  is that $30 a month get you upgrades in 5 different programs. No I didn’t stutter I said Kore4 gives you an upgrade in 5 different programs. Now I ask you “ How can you beat that?” The 5 programs are Click Track Profit, Sweeva, Thumbvu, I Love Hits and Startxchange. The best site to learn how to use traffic exchanges, and four of the best traffic exchanges in the industry. If you do the Math you’ll see paying $30 is a big savings compared to upgrading on those programs separately. let’s do the Math


1) Click Track Profit is $9 per Month     Huge Savings

2) Sweeva is $17.97 per Month

3) Thumbvu is  $9 per Month

4) I Love Hits is $9 per Month

5) Startxchange is $14.95 per Month

So to upgrade in these program individually it would cost you drum roll please  $59.92 a month. That’s insanity why in earth would you pay that when you get be upgraded in all those programs  for just $30 a month. Now that $30 doesn’t look so bad now especially when you compare it to $59.92. OMG that’s a savings of $29.92 Wow!!. That’s money you could use for an autoresponder hint hint Rocket Responder. But that’s for a different post on another day. The cool thing when you go kore4 those upgrades are a special Top Upgrade that you cannot get if you’re not kore4. If your already a lifetime member in any of the programs the guys at Tim Tech have got your back. This is taken right from the kore4 page

If you are already lifetime members at any of the five Kore4 sites then you will love what we have in store for you.

Because we value our customers we have an extra special deal for you – lifetime members at any of the five sites are automatically given access to an ultra exclusive, top-tier membership level – Kore4+ – and you will receive something we have never even considered doing before…ever.

For each new member you refer, you will receive 100 per cent commission on their first month of membership (with 50 per cent commissions for the following months.) Yes you did read that correctly. Your Kore4+ membership offers 100 per cent commissions for every new member you refer for their first month.

This is our way of not only saying ‘thank you’ to our most valued customers, but by doing so in a real, tangible way – Kore4+ really is an exclusive club with exclusive benefits that even Kore4 members cannot get.

Now I don’t know about you but I’d say that’s pretty freaking Awesome!!. Now if you sign up to Kore4 today I will give you 50,000 CTP XP.



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    Barbara DelGiudice
    January 4, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Scott great post about Kore4. And yes it is a great deal! I use Kore4 and get commissions all the time because I have some Kore4 members under me.

    • Reply
      January 4, 2016 at 3:32 pm

      Awesome Barb and thanks for the comment

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