Ready Set Go CTP Playoffs and Badge Hunt. Are You Ready?

Ready Set Go CTP Playoffs and Badge Hunt. Are You Ready? “I Said Are You Ready” lol just kidding. But on a serious note. The  the Click Track Profit Badge Hunt and CTP Teams Playoffs are set to start tonight Jan 15 at the stoke of Midnight if all goes according to plan. Hopefully it goes off with a hitch. will see.

So for the Playoffs I’m part of the CSN Team and all I can say to our upcoming opponents is ” Sorry about Your Damn Luck” Before anyone gets upset I’m just kidding. I want to win (Again)  But I also hope its a great competition. So Good luck to all the teams taking part in the Playoffs

Now for the Badge Hunt which is also starting tonight. And the way its going to work is The Badge Hunt will run along with our Team Playoffs. Each Badge will give you a large amount of XP helping your team to victory.
At the end of the playoffs the top collectors will get a bonus XP added to their final team’s score!  Got that right from the source.  Now myself I have three Badges in the Hunt. So with that I’ll Say Good Luck to Everyone in The Badge Hunt and The CTP Teams Playoffs


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Easy List Machine The Perfect Product @ The Perfect Time

Alright so here we are the dust has settled after the PayPal debacle and we’re (Traffic Exchanges) are still standing. Now before I go on this is not an article to bash paypal. They did what they felt was best for there business. This is about how we can move on and learn from our mistakes. Now I don’t know how traffic exchanges are going to be like in the future, what I do know is changes are coming. And that makes this the perfect time for you to start List Building. The perfect product to help get you started with this is Easy List Machine a new product from Shane Bost.

imageedit_2_4101049620What Easy List Machine does is it shows you How to Build Massive Email Lists Quickly and Effectively … And Rake in Huge Profits! As stated on the sales page. But How do they do this? Well Many of the Best List Building Experts have agreed to reveal there closely guarded behind building profitable email lists in the fastest and most effective ways , That even You and I can duplicate.  Its Awesome information that can be Instantly accessed three different ways 1. EBook 2. Audio or 3. Video or you can download all 3. I listened to the Audio and learned things I’ve never thought of . When it comes to List Building and profiting fro my lists. Plus it’s great to listen to in your car. Or if you would rather read The E.Book is also full of Great Info and Tips. And if your a video fan well that’s covered to. And all of this is avaible for the unbeliable price of $7 and that is just a one time payment.

Not only is this a great product to help you with list building I’ll be taking the time to dive in and really listen to what the eperts have to say. Simply because I wanty to get better at List Building, And if your smart and I know you are. You won’t let this pass you by. Also once you buy Easy List Machine you might be interested in promoting it yourself. If you do you will earn a cool 100% of what you Earn. But the important thing is that you get it first and learn from it



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